TU26/ IE34 /Power Sprayer Spare Part 2 Strock Knapsack Sprayer Clutch Bell for 708,768 777 SprayPump

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TU26 / IE34 / Knapsack Sprayer Clutch Bell


The TU26/IE34 Knapsack Sprayer Clutch Bell is a high-quality, durable component designed to ensure the efficient operation of your knapsack sprayer. Engineered with precision, this clutch bell is compatible with TU26 and IE34 model engines, providing reliable performance and longevity for both professional and personal use.

Key Features

  • Superior Compatibility: Specifically designed to fit TU26 and IE34 engine models, ensuring seamless integration with your knapsack sprayer.
  • Durable Construction: Made from high-grade materials that resist wear and tear, ensuring a long service life even under rigorous use.
  • Efficient Operation: Ensures smooth and reliable engagement and disengagement of the clutch, enhancing the overall performance of your sprayer.
  • Easy Installation: Designed for straightforward installation, allowing you to replace your old clutch bell with minimal effort and downtime.
  • Optimal Performance: Helps maintain the optimal performance of your knapsack sprayer, providing consistent spray patterns and efficient operation.


  • Material: High-strength metal alloy
  • Dimensions: Precisely machined to fit TU26 and IE34 engines
  • Weight: Lightweight yet robust for easy handling and installation
  • Compatibility: Exclusively for use with TU26 and IE34 knapsack sprayer engines


Ideal for agricultural, horticultural, and landscaping tasks, the TU26/IE34 Knapsack Sprayer Clutch Bell is perfect for users who demand reliability and efficiency from their sprayers. Whether you're a professional gardener or a dedicated hobbyist, this clutch bell ensures your equipment operates at its best.


Regular maintenance of your knapsack sprayer, including timely replacement of the clutch bell, is essential to ensure long-term performance and reliability. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for installation and maintenance to get the most out of your equipment.

Package Includes

  • 1 x TU26/IE34 Knapsack Sprayer Clutch Bell
  • Installation instructions

Upgrade your knapsack sprayer with the TU26/IE34 Clutch Bell for enhanced durability, performance, and ease of use. Ensure your sprayer is always ready to deliver optimal results with this reliable and high-quality component.

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