Battery Sprayer Speed controler(governor)12V Speed adjustment switch

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 Battery Sprayer Speed controler(governor)12V Speed adjustment switc

A battery sprayer speed controller, also known as a governor, is an electronic device that regulates the speed of a 12V battery-powered sprayer. It does this by monitoring the amount of current flowing through the system and adjusting the voltage supplied to the motor accordingly.

The speed controller typically consists of a control circuit board, a power transistor or MOSFET, and a potentiometer or dial for adjusting the speed. The control circuit board senses the motor's speed and compares it to the desired speed set by the user. It then adjusts the voltage to the motor by controlling the power transistor or MOSFET, which acts as a switch to regulate the amount of power delivered to the motor.

The speed controller is typically mounted between the battery and the motor and is designed to handle the voltage and current requirements of the sprayer. It can be used to control the speed of various types of sprayers, such as backpack sprayers, handheld sprayers, and agricultural sprayers, to provide more precise and efficient spraying.

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