Agriculture HTP Sprayer Pump/ Car Washer/Bike Washer/ HTP-30 High Pressure Sprayer Triple Piston Pump Deluxe -30

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Farming Agriculture Sprayer/ Car Washer/Bike Washer/High Pressure HTP deluxe-30 no Sprayer Pump

Brand Name : a2agro

  • Product Type : HTP Spray Pump
  • Brand : a2agro
  • Required Motor : 3-6hp single phase or 3phase
  • Required Engine : 7-9hp petrol or desal
  • Output Pressure : 30 LPM (Liter per minute)
  • Head Type : Cast Iron and brass
  • Number of Piston : 3
  • Speed : 800-1200 RPM
  • Pump Oil Capacity : 900ml -20w40 Grade
  • Required Hose Pipe Length : upto 250 mt 8 or 10 mm 5 layer hose
  • Weight : 8 Kg -Approx
  • Heavy Duty HTP-30 Triple Pistons Pump

  • 30 HTP Pump 500 PSI, 30 LPM
  • Heavy duty & stainless steel piston
  • Vehicles for two wheelers,four wheelers  Washing.
  • Agriculture spray for coconut tree and other big trees
  •  dairy cow shed cleaning.

 Easily attached with tractor ,diesel,Petrol engine 6.5 hp and 5 hp motor

Heavy Duty HTP 30 Pump Sprayer without Motor For Washing and spraying

fuse for high pressure spraying. Two people can spray at the same time, can be mounted on tractor. Also compatible with engine or motor. Ideal for orchards and high terrains. Light weight & compact construction. Sturdy and Rugged Construction. Heavy duty.

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