Forte FAG 100-7 / 100 MM /750Wtts AG4 Angle Grinder Back Switch For Metal Cutting and Grinding

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  • Forte 100 MM Angle Grinder Back Switch- F AG4-100         Double Insulation
  • Back-End Switch
  • “No-Slip” Flange design
  • Low noise and Low vibration
  • Water-test and Dust-test Approved
  • Slim body design helps firm tool grip and long working hours
  • Small gear box allows easy accessibility to smaller openings
  • Specially designed Flanges ensure tight / no-slip blade grip
  • Less operator fatigue due to low noise and low vibration – Thanks to Japanese bearing
  • Disc Dia : 100 / 110mm
  • Input Power : 750w
  • No Load Speed : 11,000 rpm

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