Haoyue Digital Clamp Meter

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  1. Haoyue Digital Clamp Meter
  2. Display: The meter has a large, easy-to-read digital display that shows the measured value in either AC or DC current.

  3. Clamp: The meter has a clamp that can measure current up to 600 amps.

  4. Measurement functions: The meter can measure AC/DC voltage, resistance, continuity, frequency, and diode testing.

  5. Auto-ranging: The meter has an auto-ranging feature that automatically selects the appropriate measurement range for the given input.

  6. Data hold: The meter has a data hold function that allows the user to freeze the displayed reading for easier recording.

  7. Backlight: The meter has a built-in backlight that allows for easy reading of the display in low-light conditions.

  8. Low battery indicator: The meter has a low battery indicator that alerts the user when the battery is running low.

  9. Safety features: The meter has safety features such as overload protection and a non-contact voltage detector.

  10. Power source: The meter is powered by a 9V battery, which is included with the product.

Overall, the Haoyue Digital Clamp Meter is a versatile and reliable tool for measuring electric current and other electrical parameters in a wide range of applications.

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