HTP-22 Sprayer Pump Oil Seal Brass Ring Gasket High Pressure Sprayer Spare Parts

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 HTP Sprayer Pump Oil Seal Brass Ring Gasket High Pressure Power Sprayer Spare Parts

 High Quality.
Made of high quality brass

 Rest proof and long service life.
Sealing strong, well matched,
Perfect accessory for sprayer, .

. Material: brass
. Model 26:
. Gasket: Outer diameter: 27mm, Inner Diameter: 22mm.
. Oil Ring: Outer diameter: 31.1mm, Inner diameter: 25mm.
. Oil Cap: Outer diameter: 32.6mm, Inner diameter: 24.5mm.
. Model 28:
. Gasket: Outer diameter: 33mm, Inner Diameter: 28mm.
. Oil Ring: Outer diameter: 36mm, Inner diameter: 29mm.
.Oil Cap: Outer diameter: 37mm, Inner diameter: 29mm.
. Model 30:
.Gasket: Outer diameter: 36mm, Inner Diameter: 31mm.
Oil Ring: Outer diameter: 39mm, Inner diameter: 32mm.
.Oil Cap: Outer diameter: 40mm, Inner diameter: 31mm.
.Model 120:
 .Gasket: Outer diameter: 46mm, Inner Diameter: 38mm.
 .Oil Ring: Outer diameter: 53mm, Inner diameter: 38.2mm.
 .Oil Cap: Outer diameter: 54mm, Inner diameter: 43mm.
. Color: Gold

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