Jon Bhandari G-003 Cutter Heavy Duty Glass Cutter

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Jon Bhandari G-003 Cutter Heavy Duty Glass Cutter

Premium High quality Glass Cutter set which can cut thick glass, up to 12mm thickness, with ease. High quality tungsten carbide tool tip facilitates clean accurate cut. oil dropper to add some kerosene into the glass cutting tool & make the cutting head more fluent and sharp. Round metal knocking head at the back, used for knocking glass after cutting or put it under the scratches of glass and split the glass. Anti-skid, Durable metal handle with ergonomics handle design which makes holding steady & comfortable. Very handy, can easily be carried around easily. An ideal tool for household, crafts and glass cutting related work. Please Note: Glass cutter can not be used to cut high hardness objects, such as toughened glass, vitrified brick, marble, quartz and so on. Oil is not included.

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