Nylon wire Brush Wood Working- Polishing Wheel makita (Orange, 100 mm, 4 inch) clening brush

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Makita 120 Grit Abrasive Nylon Brush Wood Working Polishing Grinding Wheel (Orange, 100 mm, 4 inch)

Brand                               : Makita
Brushes Size                    : 100mm X 6mm
Suitable For                     : Drill Machines.

The Nylon Cup Brush helps without destroying the original shape, the wood is polished and deburred. It can be used to remove rust, paint and burrs on a large area of ​​metal and non-metal materials. Suitable for polishing wood, furniture, root carving, mahogany, deburring, polishing, polishing of metal, copper and aluminum parts.
Wear eye production for safety purpose.

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