Taparia 1621-8 Steel (210mm) Combination Plier / Cutting plier (Red )Pak of 10

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Material. Steel
Item Dimensions.  LxWxH21 x 1.2 x 2.7 Centimetres
Color. Red and Black
Handle. Material Plastic
Item Weight .325 Grams
Material: Steel Color
Package Contents.1-Piece Combination Plier with Joint Cutter
Generally conforming to is 6149-1984 grade 
Length: 210 m

Shiva Tools

Taparia 1621-8 Steel (210mm) Combination discription and dimonson point by point 

Taparia 1621-8 Steel Combination is a hand tool that serves the purpose of both pliers and wire cutters. Here are the detailed specifications of the product:

Material: The tool is made of high-quality carbon steel which provides durability and strength to the product.

Size: The length of the tool is 210mm (21cm) which makes it a comfortable size to hold and work with.

Design: The tool is designed in a way that allows it to perform both cutting and gripping functions with ease. It has serrated jaws that provide a better grip on objects, and also a wire cutter for cutting wires.

Handles: The handles of the tool are made of insulated material to prevent electric shocks while working with electrical wires. The handles are also ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable grip while working for extended periods of time.

Weight: The weight of the tool is approximately 300 grams, which makes it lightweight and easy to handle.

Finish: The tool has a polished finish that provides a clean and professional look.

Overall, Taparia 1621-8 Steel Combination is a versatile and durable hand tool that can perform both cutting and gripping functions. Its design, material, and finish make it a reliable tool for various applications.

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